Two Week Course

Basic Digital Marketing

One Month Course

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Three Month Course

Professional Digital Marketing Course

Principles of Digital Marketing

  • Basics of Marketing,
  • Comparison of Traditional and Digital Marketing.
  • Statistics of Digital Marketing
  • Benefits of Digital marketing
  • Latest Digital marketing trends
  • Digital marketing platforms
  • Digital Marketing strategy for websites,
  • Career opportunities in digital marketing
Know SMM History & Social Media Importance

  • Understand the evolution of Social Media Channels
  • Go through relevant Social Media Stats and Trends (in India & Abroad) Understand Social Media Marketing via Social Media Success Stories
  • Know key Idiosyncrasies of all Social Media Channels
  • Learn how to choose relevant Social Channel for your Business
  • Understand what is multi-channel Social Media Marketing
Understand Community Building & Develop Facebook Marketing Strategies

  • Know what is community building on Facebook and how to create the right
  • Facebook Brand Pages Go through EndgeRank Algorithm to understand how successful marketers
  • engage their audiences on Fb Create Facebook Pages and Implement Facebook Marketing Strategies Understand Facebook Marketing to ensure an increase in followers, fans, and
  • engagements Go through Important Facebook Insights and Success Stories
  • Implement Facebook Marketing Strategies from Goals to Revenues Understand Competitive Research on Facebook
Understand Facebooké& InstagramAds

  • Go through different types of Facebook & InstagramAds
  • Do a Comparative analysis of Facebook Ads & Google AdWords Know the role of CTR in Facebook
  • Understand how to create an Ad Copy in Facebook I&nstagram Advertising
  • Optimize your Ad Copy and do result-oriented Targeting
Understand LinkedIn Marketing In B2B Businesses

  • Understand LinkedIn basics and how to do lead generation on LinkedIn
  • ~ Know how to create LinkedIn Company Page, Groups, and Developer API
  • Go through different LinkedIn Ads and understand how to run
  • them to generate leads
  • Delve into LinkedIn for HRs, Job-Seekers and Businesses Programs
Learn YouTube Marketing

  • Delve into the basics of YouTube Marketing
  • Understand the best YouTube Marketing Practices & Tools Know YouTube Ads and understand their dynamics
  • Go through case studies of viral national and international YouTube Campaigns
  • Learn key Idiosyncrasies of Successful Video Marketing
Delve Into Social Media Marketing Analytics

  • Learn how to do Measurement on Social Media
  • Go through the Framework for ROI Measurement
  • Understand how to create an RO! Metrics Dashboard for SMM
  • Find out different Social Media Marketing Tools to Measure ROI

Search Marketing

  • Concept of Search Engine
  • Organic
  • Paid Google

  • How Google Adword Works?
  • How Rank Calculated?
  • Account Set Up
  • AdWords Account, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords
Getting Started

  • Understanding pay-per-click advertising
  • Valuing the benefits of AdWords
  • Understanding AdWords ad types
  • Understanding where ads show up
  • Creating your account
  • Exploring the AdWords account structure
  • Organizing campaigns and ad groups
  • Learning the interface
Researching Keywords

  • Valuing keyword research
  • Understanding keyword match types
  • Using negative keywords
  • Evaluating a keyword
  • Using the Keyword Planner tool
Creating Your First Search Campaign

  • Creating a new campaign
  • Targeting locations and languages
  • Setting your bidding strategy and budget
  • Setting your delivery and advanced settings
  • Using ad extensions
Creating Your First Ad Group

  • Writing effective text ads
  • Creating a new ad group
  • Working with additional ad groups
  • Using bid adjustments
Understanding Quality Score

  • Understanding the AdWords auction
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Identifying Quality Score issues
Tracking Ad Performance

  • Defining conversions
  • Using AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • Installing Conversion Tracking code
  • Linking Google Analytics to AdWords
Tracking Ad Performance

  • Defining conversions
  • Using AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • Installing Conversion Tracking code
  • Linking Google Analytics to AdWords
Optimizing for Performance

  • Measuring return on investment (ROI)
  • Enabling and finding conversion metrics
  • Using the Conversion Optimizer
  • Testing your ads with split tests
  • Understanding the balance between performance and volume
Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns

  • Understanding remarketing in AdWords
  • Creating a remarketing list
  • Using display formats
  • Creating a remarketing campaign Leveraging Video Advertising
  • Understanding video ads
  • Using YouTube TrueView formats
  • Creating a video campaign
  • Reading video campaign reports
Leveraging Video Advertising

  • Understanding video ads
  • Using YouTube TrueView formats
  • Creating a video campaign
  • Reading video campaign reports Display Ads,Shopping Ads
Display Ads,Shopping Ads Video Ads,Conversion Optimizer

  • Keyword Planner
  • Video Ad
  • Shopping Ad
  • PPC Ad Campaign
  • Remarketing Campaign

Website Planning and Structure

  • WWW
  • Domains
  • Buying a Domain
  • Website Language & Technology
  • Core Objective of Website and Flow
  • One Page Website
  • Strategic Design of Home Page
  • Strategic Design of Products & Services Page
  • Strategic Design of Pricing Page
  • Portfolio, Gallery and Contact Us Page
  • Call to Action (Real Engagement Happens)
  • Designing Other Pages
  • SEO Overview
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Website Auditing
  • Designing Wordpress Website
Search Engine Optimization

  • Understanding SEO
  • SEO Keyword Planning
  • Meta Tags and Meta Description
  • Website Content Optimization
  • Back Link Strategies
  • Internal and External Links
  • Optimizing Site Structure
  • Keywords in Blog and Articles
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Optimizing with Google Algorithms
  • Using WebMaster Tool
  • Measuring SEO Effectiveness
Google Analytics and WebMaster Tool Web Analytics

  • Integrating with Website,Measurement Metrics
  • Accounts and Profiles,Analytics Reporting
  • Sorting, Filter and Time Chart
  • Audience Segmentation,
  • Traffic and Behaviour Reports,ReMarketing Audiences
  • Goals and Conversion Reports
  • Developing Intelligence Report
  • Google Webmaster Tool,Setting up Tool for SEO
  • Adding and Managing Assets,
  • Integrating WebMaster Tool
  • Site Map and Site Links
  • Search Traffic and Links,Google Indexing
  • Managing Crawl Errors,Managing Security Issues
Affiliate Marketing and AdSense

  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • Sources to Make Money Online
  • Selecting Affiliate Program
  • Applying for an Affiliate
  • Building Assets for Affiliate Promotion
  • Payments and Payouts
  • CPC, CPA, CPI and other metrics
  • Getting Most Conversions
  • Day to Day Work Scheduling
  • Managing Affiliate Accounts
  • Blogging
  • Google AdSense Account Setup
  • Placing Ads on Website
  • Placing Ads on Blogs
  • YouTube Video Monetization
  • Allowing and Blocking Ads
  • Performance Metrics
  • AdSense Administration
Email Marketing Advance Level

  • Email Software and Tools
  • Importing Email Lists
  • Planning Email Campaign
  • Email Templates and Designs
  • sending HTML Email Campaigns
  • WebForms Lead Importing
  • Integrating Landing Page Forms
  • Campaign Reports and Insights
  • Segmentation Strategy
  • Segmentation Lists
  • Auto-Responder Series
  • Triggering Auto — Responder Emails
  • AutoResponder Actions
Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Email Campaigns
  • Email Autoresponder
  • SMS Autoresponder
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Capturing Leads from Sources
  • Website Widgets
  • Lead and List Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Sales Integration
  • Products Integration
  • Business Reporting
  • Lead Source Link Building
  • Lead Tracking Features
  • WebHooks and Connectors
  • Complete Automation Strategy
Content Marketing

  • Objective of content marketing
  • Content marketing 7 step strategy building process
  • How to write great compelling content a 4
  • Keyword research for content ideas
  • Optimizing content for search engines
  • Discussing authority blog
  • Steps towards developing authority blog
  • Ways to monetizing authority blog
  • How to market your content?
  • Debate- Doesn't great content just spread by itself
  • Understanding online influencers
  • Case study on content marketing
Case Studies and Practical Assignments